Top 5 Parenting Movies You Might Have Missed

By Presto
24 July 2021

Ah, parents. We love them and we hate them (sometimes). Parenthood can be a messy thing but it can also be something beautiful, and many movies have tried to explore the complexities of being a parent — the good and the bad — in their own ways. In honour of our parents, here are some great parenting movies that you might have missed. 🤩


The director-writer duo from Juno returns with a poignant movie that focuses on the relationship between a mother of three (played by Charlize Theron) and her nanny (played by Mackenzie Davis). This movie's exploration of postpartum depression and the difficulties of parenthood will surely leave a gut punch in you. 👩‍🍼

The Mitchells vs. the Machines

When aspiring student filmmaker Katie Mitchell found out that she was accepted into a film school in California, she was delighted to finally leave home and be away from her overbearing dad, Rick. Eager to make an attempt to repair their relationship before it's too late, Rick decided the whole family should go on a cross-country trip to the film school together. While on their way there, robots attempt to rule the world. And of course, it's up to the Mitchells to save the day, and for Rick and Katie to work on their issues together! 🤖

Wolf Children

Remember the original "woman studying" image from THAT famous lo-fi hip-hop YouTube channel? It was originally from Wolf Children, an anime film about a woman named Hana who has to raise her two half-werewolf children on her own after her werewolf lover died unexpectedly. Now, raising human children is hard, but half-werewolf children? It's on a whole other level. 🐺

Lady Bird

You've probably heard of this one, but you've probably missed out on it, too. Lady Bird is an Oscar-nominated film that tells the story of young Christine McPherson (who calls herself Lady Bird) as she comes of age while navigating her strained relationship with her mother. It's a fresh insight into a young woman's adolescence that feels incredibly authentic. 🐞


So, here's an interesting tidbit about this movie: it took the filmmakers 12 YEARS to finish filming this movie! Why did it take so long?! Well, it's cause the movie depicts the childhood and adolescence of a six-year-old boy up until he's ready to leave for college. And they used the same actors throughout the entire 12 years! If that doesn't make you want to watch this movie, we don't know what will. Oh, and Patricia Arquette won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role as the boy's mother. 🏆


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