Celebrating Our Hero, Idol, and Best Friend!


By Presto
17 June 2022


Some Superheroes Don't Have Capes, They are Called Dad

A father is indeed a guiding light, a friend, a guide, a confidante, and a support system. You learn to navigate your way in the world from your father. You learned wisdom and kindness, courage and compassion from your first hero. Each day is a dedication to him but Father’s Day may be the perfect opportunity to show him your appreciation.



The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever: Quality Time Together

Nothing beats spending quality time with your unsung hero, especially on this special day. Finding things to do for Father’s Day can be difficult. If you’re having a hard time thinking of something, may we suggest you try some of the ideas below to honor and celebrate the man who will always be your hero!


Go Fishing

If your budget allows for it, get away for the weekend together to cast a line, sit back, and catch up on what is going on in each other’s life. You might be able to get some great advice for your own life, while making your father feel needed again.

The best part? You could bring the catch of the day back home, clean them, and cook them for a nice dinner together!


Picnic at the Park

Get the entire family together for a family picnic in the local park. Plan some games such as a scavenger hunt, volleyball, horseshoes, or even cards. After all, spending time together is one of the best Father’s Day activities. What better way to chill, munch on mini sandwiches, and people-watch while spending some quality time with your dad?!


Spend Time on Water

Boating, kayaking, and tubing are all great activities for Father’s Day celebrations on the water. If you have the opportunity, and your dad enjoys the water, plan a day to be out on it.

Even if you don’t have a boat, you could grab some tubes to float down the local swimming pool as a fun way to spend the day. Psst, don’t forget to bring along waterproof cameras to capture the memory!


Rent a Ride Together

If your dad is a car lover, then he’s in for a ride!

Did you know that you can rent a luxury car for the day? Yes, you and your dad can cruise in a grand vehicle such as a Lamborghini, Lotus Elise, or a Ferrari for a day. If he appreciates high-end vehicles, this could turn out to be a great time together.

Or you might can find a classic car and take a short road trip with the top down and the wind in your hair. Now that’s a plan!


Create a Man Cave

Spend a day or two working on a space that is created just for your dad. If he likes gaming, think ‘retro’ with a 30th anniversary Pac-Man theme. Depending on his interest, you may surprise him with themes such as Sports, Classic Cars, and Music.

Bring your ideas, plan it out, and help to put it together. It will give him a space to unwind, as well as a great place for you to spend time with him in the future. It’s a win-win situation!


No Father's Day is Complete Without a Gift

Lucky for you, we have just what you need to widen the smile on your father’s face on his special day.

Hop on to Presto and choose from a plethora of gifts that you can shower your dad on Father’s Day. After all, he deserves all the love, surprises and care in the world—especially from his beloved children.

All in all, Presto would like to take this opportunity to wish all fathers and dads a very warm and Happy Father’s Day. Kudos to all fathers and father-like figures!

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