Heard of Q-commerce?

It's the Golden Child of E-commerce!


By Presto
24 June 2022


The trend toward speedy, reactive, last-mile delivery has grown exponentially worldwide in the past few years. Quick commerce (or Q-commerce) is the next-generation of E-commerce, and as the name suggests—it is all about being fast.


The Increasing Demand for Faster, Cheaper Delivery

As it turns out, two-day delivery is no longer enough, at least not for online stores wanting to provide the best customer experience. The aspiration now is for near-instant delivery and at no extra charge. Q-commerce also combines the merits of traditional e-commerce with innovations in last-mile delivery.


The Features of Q-commerce

Fast and Furious

Nope, not a reference to the famous movie franchise, but a principle that all of us live by in the current era. Everything must be instant—coffee, noodles or streaming content. The faster something happens, the more it's appreciated and valued.

With Q-commerce, customers are able to pick and schedule a time for delivery at their convenience without the limitation of fixed business hours. Using two-wheel delivery fleets, Q-commerce strives to deliver customer delight on the same day!


Win-win for Both Sellers and Customers

Creating a valuable overall customer experience is key to building trust amongst your target audience—which is necessary to keep them engaged as time goes on. By leveraging Q-commerce, sellers can now react to customers’ demand patterns and ensure everything is delivered right to their doorsteps within the same day.


A Variant of E-commerce

Q-commerce and E-commerce have both changed the way we look and undertake purchasing goods and services. Customers often select goods from one assortment list, specify the method of delivery, provide the delivery address, and select a payment method.

Once payment has been made, customers can enjoy on-demand delivery within a day thanks to Q-commerce.


Better, Faster, Cheaper!

These near-instant deliveries are often cheap due to similar companies operating in the space, in close competition with one another to gain market share. The Q-commerce brands also often buy inventory in bulk, which reduces the average cost of each product and enables them to offer lucrative discounts.


Changing the Future with Q-commerce

There’s no doubt that Q-Commerce is a global phenomenon. As lifestyles around the globe are changing, speed and convenience are becoming more important than ever before.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Q-commerce also allows businesses, such as Presto, to respond to the rising demand for delivery as people are encouraged to stay home.


Experience “Next Day” to “Same Day” Delivery with Presto

At Presto, we ensure that all customers get swift service. Be it PrestoMall or PrestoMart, all orders are processed and delivered at hyper speed compared to traditional e-commerce, regardless of product purchases.


PrestoMall, Every Day is A Deal

PrestoMall is known as Malaysia’s largest homegrown online shopping platform. Customers are able to shop and indulge in a wide selection of international products at a lower price than elsewhere. On top of lightning fast delivery, customers can also enjoy EXCLUSIVE DEALS and Lowest Price Guarantee offers from MADNESS SALE every day!

Customers are also able to check out their orders with multiple payment methods such as online banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and Loyalty Points such as BonusLink Points and airasia points.

The icing on the cake? Customers are entitled to earn BonusLink Points with each purchase and redeem exciting gifts. No better joy than getting rewarded while shopping at PrestoMall!


PrestoMart, Not Your Ordinary Mart


PrestoMart is more than just an ordinary convenience store—it combines a retail mart along with e-commerce fulfilment and courier services in a single outlet to satisfy customers’ needs.

As Malaysia’s FIRST retail concept store, PrestoMart allows customers to purchase snacks, food, gadgets, and other popular convenience store items from OTHER COUNTRIES around the world. The store also offers ready-to-eat (RTE) meals such as eggette, pastries, and more which you can heat up with the in-store microwave oven. Talk about convenience!

Apart from the flexibility of store pick up, customers can also shop on PrestoMart’s e-store (within Presto App > Select MART service) and enjoy Same Day Delivery and take advantage of Q-commerce! In addition, customers can earn and redeem multiple loyalty points at Presto while carrying out their e-commerce and courier transactions.

Head over to your nearest PrestoMart and experience all the convenience goodness like never before!



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