Presto Super Savers

By Presto
6 Oct 2021

As online shopping gets more convenient, you are now able to choose from a wide variety of products at an extensive range of prices. However, you might feel overloaded with choices and feel that you'll spend beyond your budget without realising it. Fret not, you just need to learn these tricks to be a smart shopper.

At Presto, we want you to shop comfortably with us. To achieve that, we have provided several ways for you to save your money when you shop with us.


Redeem Coupon with Shopping Code


Redeeming your coupons is a great way for you to save more on your shopping. Presto has tons of shopping coupons that you can find in Presto App or on our social media pages.

To redeem your coupons, tap the "Account" icon at the bottom right of your screen in Presto App, tap on the "Benefits" icon, and key in your coupon code at the provided field.

Remember to use your coupons whenever you have them to save on your shopping! 💪




Link Your BonusLink Account to Pay with Points and Earn Too!


At Presto, you can link your BonusLink account to your Presto account to enjoy extra rewards!

Have tons of BonusLink Points but no idea what to do with them? You've come to the right place! Redeem your BonusLink Points with Presto. With all the points you have, you can use them to redeem special gifts with a minimum of 100 BonusLink Points at our dedicated BonusLink Redemption page!

Not enough points? Not to worry, you can pay with your BonusLink Points or partially with any payment method of your choice! It’s as friendly as that.

Furthermore, Presto is allowing you to earn BonusLink Points while shopping too!

For every RM2 that you spend on Prestomall, you will earn 1 BonusLink Point!





Pay with Loyalty Points


Did you know that you can use your Loyalty Points upon checking out your purchase? Well, now you know!

When you've added your purchase to your cart, select to pay with BonusLink Points or BIG Rewards at the payment screen. Once that's done, choose to apply your Loyalty Points upon checking out.

It's that easy! Why pay with cash when you can pay with points! 😎



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