Pay for Your Shopping with BonusLink Points

By Presto

Psst, have you registered your BonusLink account in Presto App yet? 👀

When you register your BonusLink account, you'll be able to pay your purchases in Presto with your BonusLink Points! 👍 You can also redeem special gifts with a minimum of 100 BonusLink Points!

Start registering your BonusLink account now to enhance your shopping experience in Presto!


Register BonusLink via Presto App


Pay Your Item with BonusLink Points


Redeem Item from BonusLink App



Raya with Presto from BonusLink App

You can now start shopping for your Raya goods at our Raya promo or check out our BonusLink Gifts Catalogue page. Have a great time getting the products you want!

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