By Presto
6 July 2022


Nothing Beats a Long Weekend

Who doesn’t love long weekends? It truly is one of the best feelings in the world when you have that extra day of play that you can literally do anything you want with. As long weekends are the perfect opportunity to get out and about. So, to spend them in front of the television would be almost criminal!

If you’ve ever Googled, “things to do on a long weekend” and have been disappointed with the typical suggestions, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! From staycations, move nights to online shopping, here are a few fun things to satiate your thirst for adventure and make the most of your long weekend!


Plan a Staycation

Adventures are a lot of fun, but they can also require a lot of work to plan. Sometimes, it can lead to the opposite feelings of relaxation. Instead of tackling a big trip, try activities that are close to where you live.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on planning your perfect staycation:

Go camping, stay at a local hotel, visit a local park, enjoy a local museum or gallery, rent an Airbnb, go on a food tour, visit the zoo or other activities that you can enjoy spending time relaxing and making memories with your loved ones!

The icing on the cake? You’re skipping the expensive flights and stress of traveling—not forgetting the chance of overspending! Sounds like a win-win to us!

Catching Up on Sleep

Sometimes we’ve got that itch to be productive or playful, but other times, all we want to do is just relax after accumulating sleep deficit over the week.

Sleep is an essential part of overall health. Getting enough sleep offers a plethora of benefits such as feeling more energized during the day, improving immune function, and aiding the brain in processing and storing new information.

With a long weekend, you have an extra weekend day to spare, so there's no need to feel bad about catching up on some serious Z's. Don't even think about setting that alarm, and just sleep in as late as your heart desires. It's your day off, and you deserve to snuggle up and treat yourself.


Everything is Better with Food… and Friends!

When life gets hectic and connecting with other people feels impossible, it’s probably when you need friends the most! So go on ahead and invite your squad over for a meal over the weekend.

A meal-centric hangout with your friends can bring some perks: not only you can impress your friends with your cooking skills, but also being around a good company can help lower stress—a much needed break from work, wouldn’t you agree?



Host a Themed Movie Night

God bless Netflix for allowing us to take our movie experience up a notch! Having a movie night is always fun, but you can spice it up with a specific theme. Maybe it's your favorite rom-coms, movies from the '90s, or the silliest things you can find streaming.

Whatever it may be, your friends can all get in on the theme by dressing up and bringing snacks. You could also use decorations and food to bring the theme to life. For example, if you’re going for a Western theme, you could set up a red-checked tablecloth or use bandanas as napkins.

One of the best things about watching a movie at home as opposed to the movie theater is that you can get truly comfortable and cozy. So set up some comfortable seating, and pull out some blankets in case people get chilly. Finally, remember to dim the lights.



Last but not least, ONLINE SHOPPING!

All in all, a long weekend can provide a much-needed breather amidst busy schedules, and is the perfect opportunity to go out, travel, get things done, relax and most importantly—shop online to reward yourself for your hard work!

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