How to Improve Your Communication Skills

By Presto
9 Dec 2021

Learning to communicate effectively benefits both your personal and professional lives. If you're lacking the skills to be a good communicator, here are some ways to develop them:

Listen actively

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Good communicators are good listeners. To demonstrate that you are paying attention, active listening entails responding to what others say with affirmative responses and asking follow-up questions.

Pick up on non-verbal cues

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Body language and facial expressions tell a lot about a person. Adopt a proper posture, avoid slouching, and maintain eye contact to indicate that you're listening actively.

Take your time to respond

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You don't have to respond immediately with the first thing that pops into your head. Take the time to create a quick draft in your head to speak clearly.

Master the art of timing

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Great communicators know how to pace their words effectively to ensure their audience understands what they're saying and to create an impact at the right time.

Ask for feedback

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Receiving honest feedback from your peers and bosses will help you to discover areas of improvement that you might have missed.


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