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To all smart consumers on earth, did you know that the Presto App is packed with exciting promos and features that'll help you shop at cheaper prices while earning rewards? We are here to ‘teach’ you how to save more and be richer!

Monthly Mini-App Games

Every month, Presto runs a mini-app game that gives you a chance to earn rewards like shopping coupons and PrestoPay Credits. This month, we have the "Strike Like A Ninja" game. All you have to do is slash as many carrots and tomatoes as you can to win more PrestoPay Credits! πŸ₯·πŸ—‘ Not only can play game earn money every day, can also help you to de-stress. πŸ‘€ πŸ™Š

Apps-clusive Coupons

Download these apps-clusive coupons to enjoy up to 12% off when you shop with Presto.

You can find these coupons on Presto App’s home page easily! Just scroll down a little and you’ll spot it instantly! These coupons are available every month in the app Apps-clusively for Presto users. Don’t say we never tell you this tip… πŸ‘

Earn BIG Points via EASI Food Delivery

From now until 8th May 2021, you can earn BIG Points by just spending a minimum of RM10 on EASI by paying with Presto! Up to 1 million points will be given away throughout this campaign! When you are hungry and don’t want to cook, click the Food icon in the Presto App to order la! 😱

P/S: You should also already know that you can use BIG points to offset your purchases when you check out in Presto hor?  πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Many Promo Codes for Food Delivery Discounts

Check your Presto App inbox for food delivery promo codes from time to time! Say no more, that is the legit way to save as a smart consumer today! πŸ€œπŸ»πŸ€›πŸ»

BonusLink Gifts Catalogue

Collect BonusLink Points whenever you shop with PrestoMall! Every RM2 spent gives you 1 BonusLink Point! You can redeem special gifts with a minimum of 100 BonusLink Points. Fuiyoh (as what uncle Roger said), don’t wait anymore! 🎁

Presto Gift Cards

We might not have “machiam greeting card and fun words” design on our Presto Gift Cards like others. However, our Presto Gift Cards do not have expiry dates and you can use it for many things in Presto App like shopping at PrestoMall, buying groceries, order food delivery, rent Powerbank and more!

We often have good discounts on our Presto Gift Cards, so you’ll be able to pay lesser but get more! Whether you are getting it for yourself or gifting it to others, everyone is the biggest winner when you can save and do more.

Mart, Fresh, Pharma, & Tech

Introducing Mart, Fresh, Pharma, & Tech, Presto offers a wide range of everyday essentials and quality products that you can trust.


Mart offers a wide selection of products that includes categories like groceries, health and beauty, fashion, home electronics, and more.

If you’re looking for something fresh for your meals, get your ingredients from Fresh — where all the listed groceries come directly from farms and the ocean πŸ§‘‍🌾🌊

Running out of healthcare items? Pharma is the place to go to whenever you need to keep yourself healthy!

Tech is the go-to destination for all the newest gizmo you’re looking for!


Like & Share Contest

Last but not least, we’re having a two-week contest to find the coolest captions you guys can come up with about Presto! Remember to stay tuned on our Facebook page or blog for news about upcoming contests! For now, check out the deets below for the current contest:

Duration : 24 March – 7 April 2021

Winners’ Announcement: 14 April 2021

1. PISEN 21,000mAh power bank
2. Xiaomi Redmi Airdots S


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3. Send a screenshot of your Presto account and shared blog post on your FB timeline to our inbox

We will pick the winners with the coolest captions to win the prizes!

Learn Fast! To a Cooler and Richer year for all, You are welcome. 🀩😘

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