How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Shopping Behaviours for Good

By Presto
24 Feb 2022

COVID-19 changed our lives forever in 2020. Lockdowns were rampant, people began wearing masks everywhere, and working from home has been enforced by some companies. Unsurprisingly, people's shopping behaviours have also changed a lot during this period. Let's find out what has changed in consumers' shopping behaviours:

We're buying more groceries online

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Understandably, most of us are hesitant to shop at physical stores while the pandemic is still on-going. It's much safer to shop online and get your groceries delivered instead.

We're less loyal to brands

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With many people shopping from the comforts of their home, we’re becoming less loyal to brands and are more likely to seek out cheaper goods and trying out new brands.

Contactless payment are becoming more common

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More people are using their mobile phones to pay for their purchases at physical stores to reduce any physical touching from happening.

We're more aware about our health

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Besides wearing masks while we're outside, we're also spending more money on healthy eating, hygienic products, and home workout equipment.

We're spending more on digital entertainment

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Digital entertainment like video games and streaming services became even more popular during the pandemic. With nothing much to do at home, people have been spending their time playing games online with their friends or binge-watching shows and movies on streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max.


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