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29 June 2022


The Borders Have Reopened! Is Your Luggage Ready?

Let’s be honest, it’s really tough not being able to travel! Travel has been on everyone’s to-do list for months and with countries gradually reopening their borders, people have begun planning for their vacations and trips by either land or air.


But at the same time, people are also anxious about post-covid travels. While the mood in the travel industry is optimistic, not everyone is eager to take a trip. From the isolation of quarantines to losing loved ones—no doubt that COVID-19 has taken a measurable toll on the world’s mental health.

Travel anxiety typically stems from combinations of mental and physical reactions such as stress, fear, or uncertainty—and tends to anticipate what may happen in the worst-case scenario (think getting in a car crash, missing your flight, or losing your passport).


Overcome Travel Anxiety with These 5 Tips

Identify Your Triggers

Anxiety triggers are factors that start or increase your anxiety.

These triggers can be specific to traveling, such as planning for a trip, fear of being in a new place, or boarding a plane. They may also include outside influences such as low blood sugar, caffeine, or stress.

Psychotherapy, a treatment option for anxiety, is a great way to help you identify your triggers and work through them before traveling.


Plan in Advance 

If you’re concerned about the “what if” scenarios, consider planning ahead. You may not be able to plan for everything, but it can often give you a sense of security knowing that you’ve covered all your bases.

Brush up on your coping skills and bring along items you know will help you stay calm. For example, you might check to ensure that your favorite music is downloaded to your phone or you might tuck your favorite pillow into your suitcase so you’ll be sure to get some restful sleep while travelling.


Practice Relaxation and Stay Healthy

Did you know that relaxation techniques can help quell anxiety? Practicing relaxation techniques—such as meditation, mindfulness, or breathing—before traveling can help you ground yourself and ease anxiety.

Meditation, combined with deep breathing techniques, have been proven to reduce anxiety. Breathing in slowly through your nose, then exhaling gradually through your mouth helps keep you from taking the short, hurried breaths that can trigger a panic attack and helps you build long-term resilience.


 Arm Yourself with Tools to Reduce Anxiety

Be mindful about what you pack when you decide to travel—these items may include medications, books, music, a journal to note down feelings, and telephone numbers and contact information for supportive people who you can talk to. Stashing a few extra tools and creature comforts in your suitcase can make a difference in your travel anxiety and help take care of your physical and mental well-being

Focusing your attention on something enjoyable, like a funny movie on your iPad or a captivating novel, could also help distract you from a wave of travel anxiety on a trip.


Remind Yourself of Why You’re Travelling

Travel should be meaningful. It should excite and inspire you, rejuvenate and ground you, educate and challenge you, and most of all—it should humble you. Thinking of positive future events help light up the part of the brain associated with well-being.

If you feel yourself slipping into negative predictions about travel, take out a piece of paper and pen. Now make a list of all the exciting, fun, or relaxing things that might happen while traveling. What are you looking forward to doing? Which landmarks do you hope to photograph? Who will you get to see and hug on the other side of your journey? Now that you’ve made a list, keep it with you wherever you go. Pull it out and read it whenever you feel a new wave of travel anxiety brewing.

Always remember the reason why you’re travelling.

Let Nothing Come Between You and Your Travel Plans

Nobody likes their travel plans ruined. Anxiety surrounding travel can really impact one’s ability to enjoy taking vacations.

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