Common Dropshipping Beginner Mistakes and
How to Avoid Them

By Presto
11 Nov 2021

In the 21st century, it's become easier than ever for people to start their own businesses. Gone are the days where you have to own a physical store to sell your goods — everything could be done online now.

As more people begin to start their own dropshipping stores, we've noticed some common mistakes made by newcomers. What are they and how could you avoid making them? 

Unrealistic expectations

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Just like any other form of business, dropshipping requires effort and time. Many newbies believe that they don't have to put much effort into it and that belief often leads them to failure. As a newcomer, you should lower your expectations and play the long game to success.

Undercutting prices

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As a newbie, you might think that selling your products at a lower price than your competition is a way for you to stand out more. Sure, but this only works for giant retailers with a reputable reputation. As a newcomer to the field, low prices might make customers feel wary about your products as they might think they're buying an inferior product. Don't undersell yourself and think of other ways to stand out from the competition.

Picking the wrong field

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Picking a niche to focus on is a good thing; however, picking the wrong niche is a bad thing. You have to do proper market research to find out whether the niche you picked would be profitable to you or not.

Not focusing on customers

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Satisfying your customers is the key to any good business. Your reputation can make or break you. Therefore, always ensure that you're providing good customer service in a respectful manner to avoid any potential trouble. It's important to put your customers first to succeed in your business.

Not doing demand forecasting

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Demand forecasting is the act of researching demand trends ahead of time in order to plan out your product offerings. Many beginners fail to realise the importance of demand forecasting. Make sure you're regularly checking out what's trending to discover what products are hot and choosing the right pricing to reflect that demand in your store.


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