Awesome Benefits of Being Single

By Presto
3 Nov 2021

As more and more people get married later in their lives and opt to stay single, it's common to hear stories of elderly relatives bombarding single people with questions like "when are you getting married ah?" and "you got boyfriend/girlfriend already or not?". Sometimes, this could get really annoying and it makes single people angry, even though they don't have a problem with being single 😤

Although there are benefits to being in a romantic relationship, being single has its perks as well! Here are some of the pros of staying single 😉

You're more receptive to new experiences

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Being single gives you a chance to figure out your goals in life and who you are. When you're not in a relationship, you have fewer commitments and have more time to learn about what your values are and what matters to you.

It's the best time to be financially responsible

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When you're single, you don't have to share your expenses with someone else, and that's a great incentive for you to be more frugal and learn to be financially independent. Since there's no one else to cover your expenses, it's up to you to manage your money wisely and grow your savings.

You'll have more time to build strong friendships

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When people are in relationships, they tend to prioritise their romantic relationships while neglecting their other friends and relatives. In contrast, singles build more robust social circles as an alternative to romantic relationships. They tend to invite their friends for outings more often and spend more time interacting with their neighbours and families.

You're more self-sufficient

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Learning to be alone is a great stepping stone to self-sufficiency. When you're alone and there's no one to help you to cook your meals or pay your bills, you're forced to learn to be independent in order to fend off for yourself.

You're free to spend your time however you like

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When you're in a committed relationship, you have to take your partner's schedule into account and spend time with them regularly. But when you're single, you get to set your own schedule and routine and do whatever you like. You'll also realise that you don't need another person to complete you — and that's the biggest takeaway of being single that anyone could ask for.


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