Navigate These Challenging Times Together with Carrots

By Presto

9 August 2023


In times of economic downturn, the financial landscape can become a challenging terrain to navigate. Job losses, reduced incomes, and increased prices create a difficult environment for many. Yet, it's essential to remember that these challenges are temporary, and with the right strategies—we can navigate these tough times together!

One impactful strategy is to become a savvy shopper by hunting for good deals and making the most out of your spending. Seek out discounts, compare prices, and make use of loyalty programs to stretch your budget further.

It's never too late to join the Carrot bandwagon and unlock a world of smarter savings and more rewarding shopping experience to weather the storm!


🥕 What are Carrots and Why You'll Love Them!

Carrots are like hidden treasures waiting for you to collect on the Presto app! With daily activities like harvesting and bonus games, you'll be racking up Carrots in no time, taking your savings to the next level!

You can also use Carrots as a form of payment at Presto's enabled merchants or online stores, combining them with other loyalty points and digital payments for BIGGER SAVINGS!

Here’s how you can earn Carrots on the Presto app:

Wish to check the balance and expiry date of your Carrots? Here’s how you can do so:


🥕 Exclusive Carrots Promo: Offset with Carrots for Discounts Up to 20% OFF

Ready to take advantage of the incredible Carrots promo? From now until 31 August 2023, brace yourself for CARROT-tastic deals with Carrots Discounts of up to 20% OFF!

As every 100 Carrots you collect is equivalent to RM1, you'll be able to enjoy discounts on a wide range of products when you offset your purchase with your stash of Carrots. From Health & Beauty essentials to the latest Tech & Gadgets and Home & Living goodies, you'll find something perfect for every aspect of your life!

Jump into the Carrots frenzy for a smarter and more rewarding experience. Keep calm and carrot on!


Alcatroz AirMouse 3 Silent And Portable USB 2.4G Wireless Mouse | 1200 CPI | Free Battery

Special Deal: RM24.90


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Alcatroz AirMouse Pro 5C Silent Click Wireless Mouse | 2.4G Wireless | Type C Connector | 1600 CPI

Special Deal: RM34.90


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Armaggeddon MKA-5R Mechanical Gaming RGB Keyboard

Special Deal: RM177.89


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Gorme 3L Rectangular with lid

Special Deal: RM29.90


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Tupperware Umami Collection

Special Deal: RM81.60


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Neoflam 3.8L Rectangular Ovenware

Special Deal: RM29.90


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Stillvoll 0.5L Square Storage Container

Special Deal: RM10.90


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Colorkey Velvet Lip Glaze Matte Lip Gloss

Special Deal: RM29.90


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Lab101 Nicotinamide Whitening Spot Corrective Mask

Special Deal: RM99

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Calvin Klein Be EDT 100ml

Special Deal: RM149


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