It’s That Time of the Year Again for a Shopping Fiesta!

By Presto

6 November 2022


Indulge in a 11.11 Shopping Fiesta at Presto!

Can you think of a better time to not only shop your heart out but also SAVE on your purchases while doing so?

Go on, we will wait for your answer. Hmm, nothing? We figured. Fret not, allow us to get you in the shopping mood by introducing Presto’s 11.11 Shopping Fiesta!


The Biggest Sale of the Year Beckons!

We simply can’t refuse a good deal, can we?

From fashion and beauty products to electronics and home essentials, there’s always something for you to spend and save on your purchases during the 11.11 Shopping Fiesta!

That’s not all, you can also enjoy great discounts on hot-selling items from reputable brands. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our Hot Sellers and 11 Special Deals to make the best out of the 11.11 Shopping Fiesta! Who knows, you could enjoy HUGE discounts up to a WHOPPING 73%!

To put the icing on the cake, you can even surprise your loved ones with a Presto Gift Card at a 10% OFF with PayLater by Grab! Want to know how? Continue reading to find out!


11 SPECIAL Deals Products





Simply click into any of the Products featured above and be greeted by exclusive 11.11 SPECIAL coupons that will help you SAVE during the 11.11 Shopping Fiesta. Just apply the selected coupon and enjoy the discount on checkout!

Now, don’t be shy. The coupons are yours for the taking! Hurry, while stocks last.


Shop, But Not Till Your Wallet Drop!

Times are bad, we get it—but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a smart shopper to make the best out of PrestoMall 11.11 Shopping Fiesta!

Think of this as a “money-saving shopping tips” that will not only get your great savings on your purchases but also benefit you as a shopper during these tough economic times.


Loyalty Points to the Rescue!

What’s the point of a shopping fiesta if you can’t save on your purchases, right?

Good news, your wallet will be glad to know that you can make a combined payment of e-Wallets/PrestoPay Credits/Online Banking/Credit & Debit Card with BonusLink Points (or a full payment with BonusLink Points) to SAVE even more on your purchases.

Aren’t you glad to have accumulated your BonusLink Points? Now is the time to put them to good use!

If you’re new to Presto or haven’t linked your BonusLink Account, hurry and do so now to enjoy even GREATER savings and redeem your favorite items during the 11.11 Shopping Fiesta!

Link your BonusLink account today!



Redeem Your Desired Gifts from Our Curated BonusLink Catalogue

Been wanting that cozy quilt over? Or perhaps a new bedsheet set to change things up? Or a memory pillow for a better sleep?

Well, YOU’RE IN LUCK because our curated BonusLink Catagloue has everything you need. Simply redeem your desired products or other exciting goodies with your BonusLink Points. No money needed! Talk about SAVING!



Save Even More with PayLater by Grab

Last but not least, you can also enjoy 10% OFF on Presto Gift Card or other purchases when you check out with the code PLDEALS at the PayLater by Grab payment page.

Here's the beauty of buying Presto Gift Card at a discounted price: you can then use the credits to shop for your desired products during 11.11 Shopping Fiesta to SAVE even more! Sweet!

Now, go do yourself a favor and check out your shopping cart!


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