Presto is Here to Make Your Life Faster, Cooler, Richer


Presto's mission is to enhance user digital experience and bring convenience to their lives through ONE INCLUSIVE APP. It includes all the services that you need in your daily and make the checkout experience easier with multiple payment methods.


Presto allows users to perform daily tasks faster by leveraging on technology capability, enables users to live a cooler life, and get richer via smart spending.



Presto Milestones

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Frequently Asked Questions

Presto is a unique home-grown social marketing app with an eWallet function known as PrestoPay that offers shoppers a rewarding shopping experience with PrestoPay Credits as well as hassle-free mobile payments via PrestoPay. 


No. They will never expire. It is just like your bank account balance!

Top up your PrestoPay and you can use your wallet credit to purchase selected items by selecting [PrestoPay] as your payment method during checkout process. You can also utilize your PrestoPay Credits for purchase by selecting [Credits] as your payment method. 

i.    Tap [Forgot Your Password]
ii.    Enter your mobile number which you’ve used to register Presto account
iii.    Enter your email address which you’ve used to register Presto account
iv.    Follow the steps for new password set up

Email us at available Monday to Friday from 9am to 6:30pm.

If you would like to grow your business by accepting payment via PrestoPay, please contact our team  at

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