Unusual Festivals Around the World


There are many different kinds of festivals celebrated across the world each year, ranging from religious, national, and local events. However, there are some unusual festivals around the world that you may not have heard of. We've listed a few of them below:

  • The Baby Jumping Festival 👶 in Castrillo de Murcia, Spain is a baptism ceremony that absolves babies of their sins. This ceremony is conducted by having men dressed in devillish costumes scaring the crowd before jumping over babies carefully laid down on pillows.
  • In Yukon, Canada, the International Hair Freezing Contest is held every February. 💇‍♀️ Participants dunk their heads in hot pools and then proceed to create unique hairdos as they freeze in the cold air. And the reward for doing this? A small cash prize. 💵
  • The Wife Carrying World Championship 👰 in Sonkajärvi, Finland originated as a sport in 1992. While the exact origin of the sport is unknown, most stories believe it has something to do with a theft. Participants are allowed to carry their wives in multiple ways and they have to cross a 253.5m obstacle course to win. Their prize is rewarded based on their wife's weight in beer. 🍺
  • In Lopburi, Thailand, a Monkey Buffet Festival 🐒 is held every November. Now, don't worry, monkeys aren't eaten at this festival; in fact, this festival is FOR the monkeys. The local monkey population, which ranges from 2,000 – 3,000, is gifted with a feast of fruits 🍌, vegetables 🥗, and cakes 🍰. Youngsters dressed up as monkeys will then perform dances for the crowd.
  • Dating back to the 18th century and held at Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, the Cheung Chau Bun Festival 🥯 coincides with the Buddha's birthday and sees participants climbing 60-foot bamboo towers covered in buns. It is believed that whoever grabs the highest bun will be granted a great fortune.


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