Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! ‘tis the season of gifting! Let's celebrate together with our loved ones and shower them with gifts! We have some great promos for you during this festive season.



Log in to PrestoMall every day in December and play our Hidden Surprises game to win PrestoPay Credits! In order to win more PrestoPay Credits, you need to locate all of the six hidden objects that are displayed on your screen within 45 seconds. Bookmark the game here to play the game daily!



To add additional festive cheer for the month, we’ve created our own set of Christmas-y GIFs of our Presto Buddies for everyone to use exclusively on Instagram! These adorable bunnies would look great in your Instagram DMs!



If you’re having difficulty coming up with a gift for your loved ones, you could always get a Presto Gift Card for them. Users can use the Presto Gift Card to shop online, pay their bills, top up their credit, purchase movie tickets, and more. By using a Presto Gift Card, they get more value for their money (e.g. pay RM25 to get a RM30 Gift Card). PrestoPay Credits can be redeemed with a Presto Gift Card, and since PrestoPay Credits are transferable between Buddies and do not have an expiry date, users can use Presto Gift Cards any time they like! Furthermore, Presto Gift Cards can also be used to offset payment on all of our Presto services. It’s a useful thing to have for yourself or as a gift for others!



Christmas would be incomplete without having your family and friends gathering together over hearty meals. Therefore, in this season of celebration, we are offering plenty of buffet dining e-vouchers for you! Nothing feels better than stuffing yourself to the brim with delicious food!



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