How to Clear Your Mind

By Presto
12 Aug 2021

When people are stressed, they often find that their discomfort is compounded by thoughts about not only the present but also past occurrences and future events.

Clear your thoughts and take a break from these frequent, compounding pressures. With a fresh perspective, you might be able to solve your problem, or at the very least reach an agreeable answer. Here's how:


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Meditation helps to remove you from your surroundings and allows you to think clearly and see the big picture. Try this: close your eyes and breathe from your diaphragm as deeply as possible. Hold your breath for 5 counts and let it out slowly. Repeat this for 10-15 minutes. Observe your thoughts, let them go, and bring your focus to the present moment 🧘

Keep a journal

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Writing your thoughts down helps you to put them in some kind of perspective. It clears up space in your head so that you'll be free to use your mind for more meaningful reflections. When you first start, set a time limit so you won't get stuck in rumination ✍️

Take a break

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Sometimes, all you really need is just a break. Whenever you feel bogged down by a task or whatever life is throwing at you, let go of things. A short break between tasks will make you more productive while a vacation gives you the time to reflect on your life and the direction it's heading to 🏖

Learn to say "no"

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People pleasers in particular find it hard to say "no" even when they have a lot on their plate. When you're stressed out and someone asks you for a favour, it's ok to say no. Sometimes, when you say "yes" all the time, it becomes a habit to you. So, train yourself to say "no" and eventually, you'll find it easy to refuse an invitation you're not into 🙅

Connect with your friends

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Research has shown that strong social connections help to reduce stress levels and anxiety. Whenever you have a problem, try talking it out with your friends. Even if they can't offer a solution to your problems, just processing your feelings with your friends can help to alleviate your worries and lighten the load off your mind 👯


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