Hearty Mooncake Festival


It's time for you to stuff yourself with mooncakes again cause Mooncake Festival is coming soon! In Malaysia, we tend to celebrate the event in many unique ways. Here are some things Malaysians love to do during Mooncake Festival:

🏮 Walking around with paper lanterns 🏮

Paper lanterns look especially beautiful when they're lit on a Mooncake Festival night. These lanterns can be bought in many different shapes such as animals, cartoon characters, and more! Strolling around the neighbourhood with these paper lanterns is a good way to build close relationships with your neighbours.

🕯️ Drawing beautiful artworks with candles 🕯️

It's common for kids to show off their artistic skills at an open space by planting candles strategically on the ground after dripping it with wax. When done creatively, these candles provide Insta-worthy images that will brighten anyone's profile.

🎇 Playing with sparklers and pop pops ✨

Anyone that grew up in the 90s will remember these things well! It's almost a tradition for every household to let the children play with them while the adults sit at a nearby table chitchatting.

🍚 Reunion dinners 🍚

Ultimately, the Mooncake Festival is an opportunity for families to reunite again. For families who live far apart from each other, this festival allows them to say hi to grandparents, uncles, and aunties that they may only meet a few times a year. It's always good to put a smile on Ah Ma and Ah Kong's faces ☺️

🥮 Eating mooncakes 🥮

The Mooncake Festival isn't complete if there aren't any mooncakes to eat! Fortunately, just before the festival comes along, you'll begin to see mooncakes sprouting at shops around you and online as well.

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Presto would like to wish all Malaysians to celebrate the Mooncake Festival safely and happily with their family and friends!

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