Why Cats Make Great Pets

By Presto
10 June 2021

Having a cat can be an incredibly rewarding relationship as they bring unconditional love and companionship to your life. Although they may be very independent creatures that seemingly don't care about you at times 😿, they can be very affectionate with you when you gain their trust.

Cats make great pets and there are many benefits of having one:

Cats are low maintenance

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As mentioned above, cats are very independent and require less care than other pets like dogs. And since they're pretty small-sized, they can live easily in any apartment or house and have lots of space to play and explore.

Pests, be gone!

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Cats are natural predators and that means they'll hunt down rodents and insects for you. Many cats love exterminating bugs, so you'll be saving money by having a live-in exterminator for free!

They lower your stress and anxiety

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Cat owners will testify to this easily! Whenever you're having a bad day, just having your cat coming up to you will remove all the negative energy away. Some studies have shown that a cat's purr helps you to heal faster, too.

You'll sleep better

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Several studies have shown that people prefer to sleep with cats than with a human partner. In fact, a study by the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine reveals that 41% of people slept better because of their cat, while only 20% said cats disrupt their sleep.

They prevent allergies

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Now, now, we know cat hair is a very common allergen. However, if you expose a child to cats from a very young age, that child is more likely to develop an immune system that combats all sorts of allergens. 


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