The Benefits of Eating Fresh

By Presto
24 June 2021

Everyone has heard that eating fresh is "better" for us but what does it really mean? What's the difference between purchasing a banana from a supermarket vs one grown in your own garden? What are the benefits of fresh produce? Let's find out together! 👍

No preservatives, chemicals, or artificial colouring

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Purchasing or eating your own homegrown produce is the best way to ensure you're eating food free from preservatives, chemicals, or artificial colouring. Mass-produced foods are often grown with the aid of pesticides and hormones, and these chemicals are then ingested by consumers. Therefore, it's much healthier to eat fresh food! 🍎

More nutritional values for you

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The longer foods stay on the shelf, the more nutrients and vitamins disappear. Fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional value once they're picked. This is caused by other factors like exposure to artificial lights and temperature changes during transport. So, in order to gain maximum nutritional value from your food, eat them fresh as quickly as possible! 💨

Supports the local community and economy

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Buying fresh produce from the nearest pasar pagi helps to support the local economy since the money stays within the community and supports local jobs. Multiple studies have shown that when you purchase from a locally-owned business, a huge portion of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses and service providers, thus strengthening the local economy. 📈

It's good for the environment

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Buying local produce reduces the carbon footprint that would have resulted from shipping them to far-off places. Every little bit helps when it comes to saving our planet together! ⭐️


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Fruits, vegetables, and seafood that are eaten directly at their peak freshness are noticeably tastier! And we all know how much Malaysians love their food. They'll do anything for good food, so purchasing fresh produce is one step closer to achieving savoury heaven! 🤤


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