Ways to Hit Inflation Back in the Face!

By Presto
7 September 2022


Inflation is Hitting Everyone’s Budget and Pocket

Inflation is a silent budget killer. Prices are going up, but that doesn’t mean you are worse off.

Inflation causes everything to go up, from your groceries to your gas, as the purchasing power of money decreases. But what does that mean for you? With inflation running rampant, it’s affecting more people, but you don’t have to sit idly by as your bills keep getting bigger!

Read on to discover ways that will help you beat inflation!


Loyalty Points to The Rescue

One of the smartest ways to fight back against inflation is, you guessed it, loyalty points. These days, inflation is making retail loyalty rewards more important than ever—and a great way to SAVE!

Think loyalty rewards programs, and you probably think about those offered by hotels and airlines. But did you know that you can also enjoy the perks of loyalty points on Presto? By linking your BonusLink Account to Presto, you can not only only get a little more out of your expenditure but also SAVE even more on Presto by using your BonusLink Points to make either a combined or full payment upon checking out.

At Presto, you will be glad to know that you can make a combined payment of e-Wallets/PrestoPay Credits/Online Banking/Credit & Debit Card with BonusLink Points, or a full payment with BonusLink points when checking out.

What does this mean? The more BonusLink Points you have, the lesser you have to pay for the balance, hence more SAVINGS!



Earn More Rewards, Spend Even Lesser!

In order to beat inflation, your total return has to be greater than the total increase in cost of living. Two ways to achieve this outcome is by earning rewards and spending lesser!

Are you an enthusiastic user who religiously look forward to playing our monthly games on the Presto App? Congratulations, you are on the right track for hitting inflation back in its face!

By playing Presto’s monthly games, you can earn PrestoPay Credits EVERY DAY and amass them in your PrestoPay account. You can then use PrestoPay Credits instead of cash to enjoy the services provided by Presto such as Mall, Mart, Food, Tickets, Gift Card, Bill, and more!

The best part? PrestoPay Credits will never expire, just like your bank account balance! Hence earn more, spend lesser!



Redeem, Redeem, and Redeem

What’s another way to save as you shop? One word: COUPONS!

Be sure to periodically open the Presto App and redeem the Apps-Clusive Coupons to enjoy even bigger savings when you shop on Presto!



Do Your Grocery Shopping the Smart Way

Snacks or grocery shopping is inevitable as we do them on a monthly basis. With PrestoMart, you can do it SMART by taking advantage of every promo and deal that will not only satisfy your cravings but also help you spend lesser upon checking out!



Save More on Mobile Reload and Bill Payment

Gift cards are no longer just for giving, they could be your key to SAVING on your mobile reloads and bill payments too! There’s no better time than now to grab yourself or your loved ones a discounted Presto Gift Card at PrestoMart Offline Stores, which can be used to pay bills or mobile reloads—ultimately saving even more!

Psst, you can also buy and indulge in a wide selection of international snacks and drinks!



Enjoy Movies, Enjoy Even More Savings!

Who says you can’t afford to enjoy yourself during the dreaded inflation? Get your movie entertainment fix on Presto and enjoy RM17 FLAT on your favorite movies!



The More You Shop on Presto, the More You Save!

Ironic, right? But it’s true!

Not only will you get to enjoy amazing deals, you will also get to EARN and REDEEM BonusLink Points for every purchase! All you have to do is download the Presto App and link your BonusLink account.

Together, let’s overcome inflation by making the best out of every sale and discount on Presto! Every saving counts!






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