Stay Ahead in 2023 with These Zodiac Reading Predictions!

By Presto

26 November 2022


Enter the Year of Presto (Rabbit)!

Did you know that 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit? No wonder Presto is so happy!

You’ve probably heard a little about the zodiac reading before. Basically, the zodiac reading is made up of 12 animals representing a year in a repeating 12-year cycle, based on the traditional Chinese lunar calendar.

The Chinese lunar new year usually starts on the second new moon after the winter solstice, around January or February. Each new year is represented by an animal, following this order: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog, pig.

Nevertheless, these predictions will help people of different zodiac reading signs to dive deep into the year ahead and be prepared for what is to come. Find your zodiac animal below and see what the zodiac reading has in store for you in 2023!



To friends born in the Year of the Rat, the starts gather to augment a positive year ahead! In a nutshell, it is a year of smiles be it career wise, family life, wealth, or luck! Here are the predictions for 2023:

Career The luck stars shine high and bright with benefactors aiding your climb up the corporate ladder!

Lottery Luck Your luck is good and there are plenty of opportunities to score in lottery! Investing in the stock market may end up profitable but do take not of the ebb and flow in the financial market. Avoid gambling!

Love Life It is a good time for youngsters born in 1996 to tie the knot. Married couples born in 1984 should consider having a baby as the newborn will usher in good luck. Men born in 1972 must avoid fatal attraction!



It is an extreme year in terms of your overall fortune. People born during the latter-half of the year enjoy exceptionally good luck while those born in the first-half of the year are confronted by five evil stars. You will survive through hard work and determination; still a good time to venture overseas in search of better opportunities. Here are the predictions for 2023:

CareerEvil stars dominate the lucky stars so your career will not be positive. Be hands-on in everything that you do and remember that all that glitters is not necessarily gold.

Lottery Luck Low probability of striking lottery unless you were born in the Lunar third and fourth months. Go for long-term investment if you must, only with funds you can afford to lose.

Love Life Get hitched if you were born in 1997! Marries couples should plan for a baby. People born in 1973 run the risk of matrimonial disharmony. All in all, be cautious with your relationship matters.



Your year is guided by two lucky stars, of which is the Zi Wei star blessing you with a good year in wealth, love, health and career progression. It is a year for carrying out big plans and good results will be ensured. Tigers’ fortune is a rung above the rest; good returns can be expected in terms of wealth and investments. Here are the predictions for 2023:

CareerIt is a good year so all that you do will be smooth, both locally and overseas. A kind benefactor is there to help. Do not overwork.

Lottery LuckThere is ample lottery luck and the probability of striking 4D is high so no harm placing higher bets. Long-term investments yield good results but avoid risky investments.

Love Life Cupid comes calling, which is a great year for singles! All the past quarrels and insecurities will dissipate.



All eyes are on you this year! As it turns out, rabbit is one of the animal zodiacs that will clash with the Tai Sui (Grand Duke of Jupiter) energy in 2023. Fret not, it does not mean that all will turn out bad, it just means that your luck may not be as smooth in 2023. The good news is that if your luck had been bad for the past three years, then this could be a better year for you! Here are the predictions for 2023:

CareerSince this may not be the best of years, avoid taking risks by staying out. People who are in business partnerships should be wary of squabbles among shareholders; potential lawsuits.

Lottery LuckYour luck is weak hence no gambling and stock market investing. People born in the Lunar eleventh month will enjoy better luck.

Love Life Youngsters born in 1999 should lead a blessed love life with marriage on the cards. A child awaits those born in 1987 while men born in 1975 must avoid temptations.



It is a year that you will be looking forward to! It is a good year if you learn to be contented with what you have. You are a born leader but this is not a year to take lead; do learn to play a cameo role which is the guiding principle for this year. Here are the predictions for 2023:

CareerYour career is an upgrade from the previous year with achievements entering a new milestone. You may want to invest overseas with the right plans and right team.

Lottery Luck This is a good year and the probability of striking lottery is high. Those born in Lunar first, fourth, seventh and tenth months will do even better. Be cautious when investing in stocks.

Love LifeRomance is in the air especially for those born in 1988! A good year for marriage and newborns.



Be conservative as this is a quiet year for you. With only one lucky star shining, do not be aggressive and do not depend on kind divine intervention. Make use of this opportunity to enrich yourself, practice patience and be very wary of potential issues. Here are the predictions for 2023:

Career Career takes a stroll across the park while you may be faced with shareholders of your venture trying to pull out. Do not venture overseas and stay away from stocks.

Lottery Luck People born in the third and sixth Lunar months enjoy better luck! You may invest in some long-term stocks. People born in the first, fourth and tenth Lunar months should avoid gambling and investing.

Love LifeYoungsters born in 2001 enjoy a blissful relationship while people born in 1989 should plan for a baby. Take note to not give your all if this is your first time falling in love.



A bountiful year best describes your fortune in 2023. You can take heart knowing that this is the best year in recent times as there are four lucky stars shining brightly. There will be plenty of chances for you to flex your horse muscles, which means that it is time to be aggressive as the stars are aligned for success. Be nice to others and the world will be your oyster. Here are the predictions for 2023:

CareerThere are already clear signs that career has picked up! Similarly, your economic situation will also improve as the year progresses. There is a benefactor who can help you venture overseas.

Lottery LuckPeople born in the third, fifth, seventh, tenth and twelfth Lunar months enjoy exceptionally good luck. You may increase your bets whenever there are coincidental numbers that appear.

Love LifeDo consider marriage if you were born in 1990; married couples should welcome a baby; married men born in 1978 stay away from temptations.



You have just enjoyed a good year so count yourself lucky that you will continue to be in better shape than people around you. You will still be blessed by two lucky stars that will turn the bad into good fortune. You will enjoy a good streak if you are in the artistic field, which flourishes due to your creativity. Here are the predictions for 2023:

Career It is a rather dull year with little breakthrough when it comes to your career. Beware of potential lawsuits or even bankruptcy. Remember that slow and steady win the race.

Lottery LuckIt is not a year to wager on 4D or invest in stocks. Avoid gambling unless you were born in the Lunar third month; wager but just a little.

Love LifeYou may neglect your partner due to work and emotional issues. This opens up a crack for a third party to exploit. Youngsters enjoy the attention of the opposite sex but be careful of love scams.



When it has been down, down, and down for the past few years, it is time to move UP! There are a couple of lucky stars that will ensure you have a smooth year ahead, especially if you are a politician or someone holding a civil service post. Here are the predictions for 2023:

CareerYour career prospects have turned positive together with your overall fortune! Years of planning and toiling should yield results this year.

Lottery Luck You have a good chance of striking lottery especially if you are celebrating joyous occasions at home. Those who are born in the third and twelfth Lunar months should enjoy even better luck.

Love LifeA good year to get married and to have a baby. Young ladies tend to get involved in triangle affairs; married men in 1980 avoid temptations.



A year of quiet and peace. There are no lucky stars hence do not hanker for the excessive. Just be contented to sail through as long as there are no negative events. Simply put, trying to be aggressive puts you in a spot while being conservative is the wiser move. Here are the predictions for 2023:

CareerYour luck is low so most ventures will end up with obstacles. You may face cashflow problems and need to watch out for competition. Be conservative while facing challenges.

Lottery LuckPeople born in the third and ninth Lunar months enjoy better lottery luck. The rest should avoid betting and gambling.

Love LifeGet hitched as early as possible to avoid losing your partner to third parties. Men and women born in 1969 must avoid extramarital affairs.



This year is best described as one that has changed your fortune after numerous years of bad luck. Your career and business have undergone a paradigm shift and good luck is expected to come rolling in. Here are the predictions for 2023:

CareerExpect some minor hiccups at the beginning of the year but much improvement is expected in the second-half of the year. A bright year for those born in 1970.

Lottery LuckA better year compared to the last so wager on coincidental numbers. Better luck is expected for those born in the Lunar third month but expect otherwise if you were born in the second, fifth and eighth months.

Love Life A good year for marriage if you were born in 1994. Some joyous occasions for folks born in 1958; shun temptations for men born in 1982.



Moving into the Year of the Rabbit is a positive step for you as there are three lucky stars leading to the gain of authority, recognition and wealth. This translates to supportive subordinates, potential expansions of business and progression in career and wealth. Here are the predictions for 2023:

CareerThere are lucky stars but not enough to chase away the evil stars. Avoid getting involved with backstabbers who will cause to suffer financially and emotionally.

Lottery Luck Not a great year to be visiting the betting outlets. People who were born in the third and twelfth Lunar months enjoy better lottery luck.

Love Life Youngers who fall in love for the very first time could face rivalry in love. People born in 1995 can plan for marriage as it enhances your luck.


Like Presto or any other rabbits, always believe that when you tap into your personal power and confidence, you can achieve your goals despite the challenges along the way. Be sure to take advantage of your skills (and luck) as you enter the Year of the Rabbit!

Here’s to a great 2023 ahead!


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