Think You Know Presto?

Let's Find Out How Much Do You Actually Know!


By Presto
12 August 2022


Your Ticket to A Whole New World of Digital Lifestyle

Plenty exciting deals, much convenient features, so much to do and see—but how well do you actually know Presto?

Presto is Malaysia’s FIRST homegrown multi-service lifestyle app that offers various lifestyle and convenient features—including hassle-free mobile payments that all of you are currently enjoying.

Presto also means "quick" in Italian—allowing users to perform daily tasks FASTER by leveraging on technology, enabling users to live a COOLER life, and get RICHER via smart spending.

Let’s discover the quirks and perks that Presto has to offer!



Shop, Shop and Shop!


When you open the Presto App, you’ll be greeted by a plethora of features welcoming you, and among them—Mall and Mart. You know what that means, SHOPPING!

PrestoMall is Malaysia’s LARGEST homegrown online marketplace that offers MADNESS SALE, exclusive deals, App-Clusive Coupons, monthly promotions and more!

PrestoMart, as its name implies, is a convenient online and offline mart where you can stock up on your favorite snacks and groceries—be it local or international products! The best part? You could either self pick-up your goods or enjoy same day delivery!

Oh, did we also mention that you can also earn BonusLink Points each time you check out? Yes, this applies to both Mart and Mall! Now that’s what we call a BONUS!

Last but not least, you can pay less and get MORE with Presto Gift Cards when you shop online, use them at PrestoMart offline stores, pay your bills, top up your credit, purchase movie tickets, and more—all within the App!


Cool Payment Methods


Only on Presto, you can opt to make a full or a combined payment with BonusLink points when checking out!

That’s not all, other payment methods are also available to you on Presto including PrestoPay Credits, eWallets, Online Banking, and Credit/Debit Card.

How cool is that?!



Enjoy Convenience Anywhere, Be It Online or Offline


Don’t just shop, do even more on Presto! Apart from shopping, you can also order your favorite food and have it delivered to you with just a touch of your fingertips. Don’t forget to take advantage of the frequent food promos and discounts to save even more on your meals!




Mobile phone battery running low? Presto has got you covered! Simply head to your nearest PrestoMart and rent a power bank to juice up your device!




A lifestyle app is not complete without the feature to purchase movie tickets! If you’re a movieholic, you’re going to love the never-ending deals that Presto has to offer!



Keeping You Entertained at All Times


Need a break from life? Just open the Presto App and watch your worries fade away! Keep yourself entertained by watching exciting videos on the app itself. The best part? No subscriptions are needed!

That’s not all, you can even play Presto’s monthly mini-game to earn PrestoPay Credits, which you can then use to pay and offset the amount of purchased items!

Play for the fun, stay for the rewards!



A Faster, Cooler, Richer Experience

So, how many great features of Presto did you guess correctly? If you have just found out about the benefits that Presto has to offer, well, better late than never!

Take the first step towards a whole new world of digital lifestyle and make your life easier with Presto today! Apart from enjoying a seamless experience with all Presto services, you can also take advantage of the wide selection of features and services that will make your life easier, from ordering food and shopping online to renting a power bank and enjoying O2O ticketing—you can do them all in ONE single app! Psst, be sure to also link your airasia rewards and BonusLink account to Presto to earn points!

Make the best out of your Presto App today!


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