Everything is 50% OFF with HOP-PY CELEBRATION!

By Presto

6 December 2022


Thinking It’s a Fraud?

Well, it’s LEGIT! From now until 31 December 2022, you are in for a treat with our Hop-py Celebration as there will be LOTS and LOTS of 50% OFF DEALS waiting for you!

Be sure to take advantage of PrestoMart’s Hop-py Celebration exclusive product deals as below:


Guang You Hot & Sour Vermicelli (Cup) 105G

RRP: RM 6.90

Discounted Price: RM3.45



Guang You Hot & Sour Vermicelli (Pack) 105G

RRP: RM4.90

Discounted Price: RM2.45



Guang You Chongqing Spicy Hot Flavor Noodles (Pack) 105G

RRP: RM5.50

Discounted Price: RM 2.75



Guang You Hot & Sour Red Oil Dry Noodles (Cup) 100G

RRP: RM 6.90

Discounted Price: RM3.45



Guang You Mian YangBeef Vermicelli (Cup) 135G

RRP: RM8.50

Discounted Price: RM4.25



Guang You Mian Yang Beef Vermicelli 135G x 4 Pack

RRP: RM 24.90

Discounted Price: RM12.45



YNYM Five Cereals Sliced Noodles 410G

RRP: RM 13.90

Discounted Price: RM6.95



Xiaolongkan Chicken Broth Flavor Hotpot Soup Base 150G

RRP: RM7.50

Discounted Price: RM3.75



Laoganma Chilli In Oil 275G

RRP: RM10.90

Discounted Price: RM5.45



Laoganma Spicy Beef Black Bean Chilli Sauce 210G

RRP: RM9.90

Discounted Price: RM4.95



Leverage on Presto’s Highway of Rewards

Times are bad, we get it—but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a smart shopper to make the best out of Presto’s Hop-py Celebration!

If you’re wondering how to do so, we’ve got your back. Read on to find out how you can be not only an indulgent shopper but also a smart one!


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