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8 September 2022


Mooncakes, mooncakes everywhere!

The Mid-Autumn Festival is upon us, heralding the arrival of thumping drums, lanterns in all colours and forms, dragon dances, and *drumroll*—MOONCAKES!

Made of lotus seed paste and salted duck egg yolk, this traditional pastry is not only enjoyed by everyone during the Mid-Autumn Festival but also symbolizes togetherness and longevity. All in all, mooncakes are one of the most essential things for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival!

If you're fan of mooncakes, you’re in for a treat! Continue reading to discover the most popular mooncake flavors that you should try this Mid-Autumn Festival while gazing at the beautiful moon!


Wuren Mooncake – Mixed Nuts Mooncake

Wuren literally means five kinds of nuts or kernels such as walnut kernels, almonds, sesame seeds, melon seeds, hawthorn, red beans and so on. Wuren Mooncake is a typical and popular mooncake flavor in China. Though young people don’t particularly favor it very much, Wuren mooncake is much welcomed by the old.


Red Bean Mooncake

Sweet red bean mooncake has always been a classic type that many people prefer. Through careful production, the combination of sweet bean paste and the outer skin makes the mooncake smooth and have a richer flavor, which makes it one of the most popular mooncake flavors.


White Lotus Mooncake

The lotus mooncake is the representative of Cantonese-style mooncake. The filling is white lotus paste, which is made of the fresh lotus seeds of the year with a natural fragrance. Since the sugar is added and calories are high in lotus paste mooncake, the elderly and diabetics should not eat too much.


Salted Egg Yolk Mooncake

As it implied in the name, the filling of this kind of mooncake is the solid salted egg yolk. The unique taste makes this mooncake popular. The fresh lotus seeds paste or red bean paste are the most common combinations for mooncake fillings with egg yolks.


Snow Skin Mooncake

Snow skin mooncake is a new mooncake flavor in recent years. It is small and cute, and the cake skin is crystal clear made of glutinous rice flour. Different from other mooncakes, snow skin mooncake needs to be stored in the refrigerator.


Green Tea Mooncake

The biggest feature of green tea mooncake is the fresh natural taste. Green tea powder is added into the skin or the fillings. Different from other types of mooncakes, it is not overly sweet and has a certain health effect!


Fruit Jelly Mooncake

Fruit jelly mooncake blends the taste of fruit. The sweet but not greasy taste is loved by many people. The fillings is usually added with the freshest fruits like strawberry, orange, peach, and pineapple.


All Hail the Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncake!

Durian mooncakes are a hot favourite every Mid-Autumn Festival, as they give durian fans another opportunity to indulge in the King of Fruits—and what better durian mooncakes to complement the Mid-Autumn Festival than the Musang King Durian Snowy Mooncakes?!

It consists of an old traditional Malaysian snowy skin and 100% authentic Malaysian Musang King durian pulp. It is snowy white and round, symbolizing family reunion. The snowy skin of the durian mooncakes is soft and chewy; the filling is refreshing, smooth and fragrant. It has a smooth and creamy texture like ice cream and upon cutting through the delicate snowskin, the heady aroma of Musang King durian rushes out into the open abyss. It’s not quite a mooncake but more like rich, creamy durian meat encased in soft skin—a close-your-eyes-to-enjoy-it dessert for the most ardent of durian lovers. Simply irresistible!

The best part? You can easily purchase Musang King Durian Snowy Mini Mooncake from PrestoMart and choose either same day delivery or self-pick-up, just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival! Durian lovers, what are you waiting for? Stock up now while stocks last!

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