Play for Fun, Earn for More 

Other than covering your needs in daily, Presto is also a platform to let you earn more rewards like shopping coupons or PrestoPay Credits by playing the monthly mini-app games from Presto App. The rewards that you earn can then be spent on all the Presto's services such as shopping, food delivery, cinema ticket, and more. 

The more you play, the more you earn. Just download the app, join our community and get rewarded for what you love to do best!


Earn Rewards with Presto Now!




Watch Anytime, Anywhere 

A video streaming service that invites you into a whole new world of entertainment in the form of video content ranging from original productions, variety shows, music concerts, short video clips and more. Users can stream any video content freely without needing to pay a subscription fee. 





Empowering Creators and Creativity  

PrestoColor aims to empower creators and help build their own devoted community with their own platform.​

Giving them the full control over what kind of monetization plan best suits their content with the built-in tools, PrestoFans.​ PrestoFans, the first set of monetization tools in Asia designed to help creators to build their personal branded site. Take full control of their site and choose the monetization plan that best suits their video content.